Locksmith Weesp

Locksmith Weesp

The lock specialist from Weesp and the surrounding area.

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The advantages of locksmith Weesp

  • Call us 24/7 for an emergency
  • Ambitious and skilled specialists
  • An experienced locksmith in Weesp
  • Request advice and a quote without obligation
  • Securely pin on location and receive a quote
  • Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen
  • Top quality SKG-approved products

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Locksmith Weesp

Voted most reliable locksmith in Weesp e.o.

Locksmith Weesp helps you with everything in the field of burglary protection and locks. Thanks to a wide range of SKG-approved material and years of experience, we can always be of service. You can always request a consultation or a tailor-made offer in advance, so that you know clearly what we can do for you. For urgent problems we have an emergency service that you can call 24/7.


Locked out in Weesp

Are you outside your home or building, but can’t find the keys anywhere? If there is no other way to get in safely, you can always call our 24/7 emergency service. The locksmith Weesp is always mobile and can be with you within 20 minutes. As a result, you never have to wait long for professional help, regardless of the time. Your door will also be opened very professionally and without damage.

  • Smooth and helpful locksmiths
  • Available 24/7 when locked out
  • Open your door quickly and professionally
  • We work damage-free
  • Help with lost or stolen keys
Locked out in Weesp

We take care of your hinges and locks down to the last detail

The locksmith Weesp has numerous services to help you with hinges and locks. From advice on burglary protection to installing the best security products. By filling in our contact form you can ask questions and request a conversation without obligation. Read more about our services and discover what we can do for you.

We take care of your hinges and locks down to the last detail

Replacing locks

In case of complications with your locks, the locksmith Weesp recommends having them replaced urgently. Our stock is wide and gives you a choice of various types of locks. We can also help you replace your locks as a precaution, for example after theft of keys or a move.

Opening locks

Have your keys been lost or stolen and have you been locked out as a result? Then you can always call our locksmith for a speedy solution. Day and night you can call on us to open your doors and windows without damage.

Burglary protection

Optimal hinges and locks are effective in delaying burglary. If burglars have to make more effort to get past a lock, the chance of a successful burglary becomes significantly smaller. The locksmith Weesp can advise you without obligation about all kinds of burglary protection for your home or business premises.

Install multi-point lock

A multi-point lock closes your door in three, five or seven places. This makes it extremely difficult to force the door, which reduces the chance of a successful burglary. In addition, all closures of the lock are operated simultaneously with a key, making the lock convenient to use.

Express service

For urgent problems with hinges and locks, you can call the locksmith in Weesp day or night. Situations such as being locked out, burglary damage and a broken key in the lock are dealt with professionally. Within 20 minutes of calling you will receive a lock specialist at your doorstep.

Core pulling protection

When installing a new lock, it is important that it has a core pulling protection. This protects you against a commonly used method of burglars: core pulling. If you prefer not to replace your locks, the security can also be put on an already installed cylinder.

The mechanics of locksmith Weesp

Our team consists of well-trained technicians who have a good solution for every lock problem. They are always quick to provide assistance.

Locksmith Weesp accessible to everyone

The locksmith Weesp helps you with everything in the field of burglary protection and locks. We attach great importance to clear communication, both about our activities and the costs. That is why you can always expect an indication of the costs in advance. Request a tailor-made quote online, without obligations and hidden costs. In case of an emergency, we will tell you the rate over the phone. After the work you can safely pay on location with your debit card to quickly complete the entire process. In addition, we offer numerous locks for every budget.

Locksmith Weesp accessible to everyone

A safe feeling in your home or building with the locksmith in Weesp

Burglars strike in many different places. In addition to good locks on your doors, it is therefore also wise that your windows can be locked safely. Proper hinges and locks slow down burglars, significantly reducing the chance of a successful burglary. To help you with this, you can request a consultation with the locksmith Weesp. Together with you, we will look at the best options in the field of burglary protection.

A safe feeling in your home or building with the locksmith in Weesp

Compensation for damage

Reimbursement of locksmith costs

If damage occurs to your locks, you can immediately call in the locksmith Weesp. The damage will be repaired quickly and professionally, after which you will receive an invoice. If the damage occurred through no fault of your own, such as after a burglary, you can submit this invoice to the insurance company. This is often accompanied by an official police report and evidence, such as photos of the damage to your hinges and locks.

Reimbursement of locksmith costs

Reimbursement of costs in case of lost keys

Insurance often reimburses damage after a burglary, but what about lost keys? You can call in the locksmith Weesp to open your locks or replace them preventively. The policy conditions of your insurance state when you can get the costs reimbursed. This is often the case if you can demonstrate that the keys have been stolen.

Reimbursement of costs in case of lost keys

FAQs to Locksmith Weesp

Our locksmith in Weesp answers a number of customer questions. If your question is not in this list, you can ask it by filling in our contact form.

  • Helpful, prompt and professional
  • Active 24 hours in Weesp
  • Request a no-obligation consultation
  • Immediate assistance in emergencies
  • SKG certified locks and material
FAQs to Locksmith Weesp

What can I do if I am the victim of a burglary?

After a burglary in your home or building, you must immediately call the police to report it. If there is damage to your hinges and locks, you can take photos of this as proof for the insurance. Then call the locksmith in Weesp, who will urgently repair your damage. The costs of this can be submitted to the insurance company.

If you call our 24/7 emergency service, you will never have to wait long for help. Because we are mobile, we can come your way quite immediately. We are usually with you within 20 minutes to solve the problem.

If you want to make improvements to the burglary protection of your home, you can make use of our expertise. Request a consultation online and tell us what your wishes are. We then advise you on the most suitable security products. You can also easily arrange installation on a day that suits you.

Our emergency services are available 24/7. By calling our emergency service you can immediately hire a locksmith in Weesp, so that someone is at your doorstep within 20 minutes. This service is available all year round, so you always have a professional solution to your problems.

Where a cylinder lock is closed at one point, this happens at three, five or seven places with a multi-point lock. By locking the door in several places, it will be more difficult to force the door. A multi-point lock therefore ensures that your door is much more firmly attached.


I often work into the evening and therefore come back late. That's why it was useful when I could still reach a locksmith around 11 o'clock in the evening. Very smooth and professional.



An old lock on my shed could be replaced quickly and neatly. The locksmith was very helpful and arranged a flawless installation.



During a consultation, I was carefully listened to and I received a lot of useful information. After that I could also easily arrange an assembly.


Where can you find our locksmiths?

Our locksmith is available 24/7 in Weesp and the surrounding area. Call our emergency line for an emergency, or send a message for a free quote and to make an appointment.

0294 - 22 40 55

Common lock problem in Weesp

When I went outside for a while my front door closed and I was locked out. After I called the locksmith in Weesp, a specialist was at my doorstep within 20 minutes.


While opening my lock, my key suddenly broke off in the lock. Fortunately, the locksmith was able to remove the key residue without removing the lock.


After a move, I had all the locks replaced in my new home as a precaution. The locksmith had numerous locks in stock and arranged my hinges and locks flawlessly.


Need a locksmith in the Weesp region?

Need a locksmith in the Weesp region?

0294 - 22 40 55